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1975. Tina Chaden installation. To Callanish from Hagar Qim. Edinburgh Arts 1975 exhibition.

August-September 1975. Installation by American artist and Edinburgh Arts 1975 participant Tina Chaden. 

Edinburgh Arts 1975 exhibition, To Callanish from Hagar Qim,  at the old Fruit Market, Market Street, Edinburgh.

The exhibition included works by 12 photographers from the California Institute of the Arts (including Fulton, Bowers, Burchard, Jones, Brooks, Collier, Thompson); conceptual works by Jean Le Gac, Guiseppe Chiari and Cioni Carpi; environments by Michael Peel, Frank Williams, Denis Bolohan, Irma Channing, Pat Martin Bates, Tina Chaden, Richard Whall, Zbigniew Makarewicz, Barbara Koslowska and David Jansheski (in collaboration with the Special Unit of H.M. Prison, Barlinnie); sculpture by Paul Neagu, Jimmy Boyle, Susan Mead, Ruth Beer, Gabriel Caruana and Helena Dwornik; paintings, drawings and photographs by Tim Dalton, Richard England, Jim Sajovic, Paolo Patelli, Piccolo Sillani, Guido Sartorelli, Will MacLean, Robert Cargill, Anselmo Anselmi, John Borg Manduca and Fred Stiven. Concrete poetry by Tom Ockerse.