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1972. Wojciech Bruszewski, Ryszard Grazewski and Sean Connery. Atelier '72. Edinburgh.

20 August - 9 September 1972. Exterior of the RDG, 8 Melville Crescent, Edinburgh, during Atelier '72 (contemporary Polish art). L-R foreground: Wojciech Bruszewski and Ryszard Grazewski (filmmakers from the Lodz Film School) and Sean Connery, standing in front of Jozef Szajna's sculpture Auschwicz. L-R background: Adelaide Sharnee Harris, Pippa Drysdale, unknown (Edinburgh Arts 1972 participants).  Atelier '72 was presented by the RDG, Edinburgh, in collaboration with the Lodz Museum of Art for the Edinburgh Festival, and funded by the Scottish International Education Trust, established by Sean Connery in 1970.